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Letter to the editor about Poor Road System in your locality.

The Editor,
The Times of India,
New Delhi

Sub : Poor condition of Roads

     With extreme respect, I would like to draw your attention towards the dreadful condition of the roads in the Vasant Kunj area. It has been about two years now since the roads of our locality have completely worn off. Several potholes have developed over time which have proven to be the cause of several fatal road accidents.
     The greatest problem occurs during the monsoons when these potholes get filled with rainwater, resulting in breeding ground for mosquitoes. As a result the locality has been experiencing an increase in the number of cases of malaria since the last two years. This is enough reason for the issue to be taken care off immediately, since two people have already lost their lives due to malaria.
     The town Council and MLA have been informed about the issue at different times.  But it seems like all our complaints are falling in deaf ears. Through your esteemed daily I hope the issue will reach to the concerned authorities and needed action will be taken promptly.

                                                Yours sincerely
                                                   (Your name)

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