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Role of Shri Krishna in Parijata Harana.

Parijata Harana is an Ankiya Naat written by the prolific Assamese saint scholar Srimanta Sankardeva. The play retells the story of a Parijata flower which is suggested by the title itself.

The prime character of the play is the Supreme God, Lord Krishna. At the beginning of the play, Krishna is visited by the Narada along with Lord Indra. When Krishna and his wife Rukmini bow down to the guests, Narada hands him a Parijata flower which is known for its unique characteristics. Lord Indra visits Krishna to seek help in fighting the demon Naraka, who has been causing terror among the Gods. This gives us an idea about the power of Lora Krishna. Even Indra, who is regarded as the king of Gods comes to take refuge under Shri Krishna, unable to bear the tortures of demon Naraka.

The role of Krishna is apparent in the play. He is the backbone of this play. He plays a very important role among the wives. When he puts the Parijata flower in the hair of Rukmini, his second wife Satyabhama gets furious about it. To please her, Krishna promises to bring her the entire Parijata tree from Amravati. Therefore, it can be said that Krishna Plays a special role among his wives, who yearn for his love.

Krishna succeeds in killing the monstrous demon Naraka and all his soldiers. This gives us a demo of Shri Krishna’s strength and valor. Shri Krishna not only plays a spiritual role, but he also demonstrates his enormous power and strength. Krishna plays both the roles of a loving husband and a powerful demon slayer.

“”Parijata Harana” was written toward the end of Sankaradeva’s life. Eminent scholar Maheswar Neog describes it as Sankaradeva’s masterpiece.… “
After killing Naraka, Krishna returns back all the items that belong to the Gods. He then asks Narada to fetch the Parijata tree for his wife. However. this infuriates Indra’s wife Shachi who encourages her husband to pick up a fight with Krishna. Even though Lord Indra tries to attack Krishna with his Arrows and thunderbolt, Krishna easily wins the battle. Shri Krishna’s power is incomparable even among the Gods. The king of God’s, Lord Indra had to beg for his life from Krishna, Which gives us an idea of Krishna’s supreme power. Even though Indra boasts of his power among all the Gods, it is Shri Krishna, who is the most powerful one.

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After being defeated, Indra offers the Parijata plant to Krishna as a gift. Krishna then plants this plant outside Satyabhama’s door, fulfilling his promise. His love for his wife gives us a glace at his role as a loving husband. Even after fighting demons and Lord Indra himself, Krishna makes sure to fulfill the promise that he made to Satyabhama. He equally plays the role of both a devoted husband who listens to his wife’s every order; and a powerful Lord who can easily defeat anyone in the world.

Krishna’s feet are described a “Lotus feet” which are the holiest places in the universe. Rukmini considers that nothing can be more precious than worshipping his holy feet. Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha can be attained by worshipping him. Shri Krishna is hence the most intelligent and most powerful God in the entire universe, who plays a significant role in the play Parijata Harana.

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