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Victor Frankenstein Character sketch

Victor Frankenstein is the protagonist of the novel ‘Frankenstein’ written by Mary Shelley. He is the eldest son of Alphonse and Caroline Frankenstein. Victor grew up in a good household where he received utmost love and care from his parents. He grows up reading the works of outdated scientists. His mother reveals her last wish in her deathbed, i.e. she wanted Victor and Elizabeth to marry. Elizabeth was adopted by the Frankenstein family and treated her as their own daughter.

Victor gets enrolled in the University of Ingolstadt, where he learns about modern science. He gradually develops an obsession with creating a new being with the help of old and modern science. He isolates himself from his family and devotes himself on his new experiment. He succeeds in his invention and creates a huge being, by joining the different body parts of dead humans. However, as soon as he gives life to his creature, Victor abhors his creature and abandons him. The monster’s hideous looks scare Victor and he falls into depression. he returns back to his home, where he learns that his youngest brother is murdered by his own creation. Victor’s life suffers a downfall gradually and he prepares himself or the multiple tragic events awaiting him.

Over the course of the novel, Victor’s character undergoes a drastic change. From an innocent, knowledge-hungry scientist, to a guilt–ridden man in a revenge to destroy his own creation, Victor has changed a lot. Victor is fascinated by the wonders of science from a very young age. With his intelligence, he could have offered to a greater good of humanity. But instead, he gave life to a corpse, that called destruction upon his own family. He applied his brain for something unnatural, he interfered with the ways of nature to give birth to life without the involvement of the feminine gender. Later, he goes on a mission to kill the same monster that he gave birth to.

Victor has a lot of ambition and faith upon himself. He cuts away his family to spend his time in creating the sapient creature. Later, when he wants to return back to his family, the monster kills them all one by one, as an irony. His obsession leads his downfall. he is doomed and he himself calls upon his tragedy in life.

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